Our Success Stories

Graham Audenart

Owner of Painters Enterprise

I have been working with Brad Halliwell for 5 months now and the improvements that I have seen in my business is outstanding. When we first started meeting, I recall all of our meetings were me just complaining about the many struggles that I was having within the company. Within a month or so, I was able to make some changes within the company and turn things around. I can remember what my attitude was like back even just 5 months ago and the change that has happened is incredible. We have set plans and systems in place and the future has never looked so clear and promising than it does now. I am so impressed with the way Brad has been able to clarify what areas need to be adjusted and helped me to improve my leadership skills. I would recommend Brad to any business or business owner that is looking to grow their business to its full potential.


Kevin Sembaliuk

Franchise Owner of Wild Wing

Sherwood Park, AB

I was once reminded that no one can do everything on their on own even the great ones like Wayne Gretzky, Mark Messier, Tom Brady needed a coach to help get them from good to great. When I found Brad 2 years ago I was in stuck in a rut banging my head against the wall day in and day out trying to figure out how to get the next level and why business was not going how I had in visioned. After a few sessions with Brad, my thoughts, visions, and attitude changed. He would not tell me how to run my business but brought me back into the right mind set, giving me the confidence, and rejuvenated the passion of living my dream, and bringing our the best in me as a business person and leader in my company. With Brad on my side business has grown by 14% over the last year by turning Fears into Action, with accountability. He understands people and understands business, Brad will always be in your corner cheering you on. So if you wish to stop struggling with business (or feeling like Rocky Balboa) and asking yourself why or simply want to go from Good to Great then I would recommend getting a great coach on your team in Brad Halliwell.


Chantelle Beasley

Owner of Aradia Fitness

I met Brad Halliwell two years ago through a Business Networking International group. During this time, I learned about Brads’ business coaching expertise – something that I wasn’t even aware of as being a service for business owners alike. Approximately a year ago, I went through a traumatic experience as a business owner which made me question throwing in the towel altogether, and walking away from my business. As I was just about to raise my white flag, I decided to give Brad a call and set up some coaching sessions with him.

During my coaching with Brad, I passionately spoke about my business. I knew that the fight I was fighting wasn’t due to hating my business – but in fact loving it so much that I didn’t know how to handle certain things that came up. Brad helped me ignite the fire that was burning inside of me even further, and I went on to kick some literal butt in 2016. Needless to say, 2016 was one of the most successful years in business that I had had throughout my previous 5 years – even while having a newborn baby. We met at local café’s and coffee shops scheduled around naptimes, and I lugged my baby girl to each and every one of the coaching sessions. Brad helped me to set intentions, goals, and expectations for my business in an organized manner. I am thankful that he came into my life at the right time, especially during a vulnerable period in which I had almost given up. He held me accountable for my actions within my business – and I am forever thankful for his guidance and expertise.If you don’t ponder a business question and think “what would Brad do?” then you’re doing it wrong. Every successful business needs a business coach – let Brad be yours.


Bruce Wagner

Senior Sales Training and Coaching Associate

As I look back over the past seven months that I have partnered with Brad as my business coach I attribute a considerable amount of my personal growth to our in-depth conversations and his counsel. Brad’s effectiveness as a coach comes from his genuine passion to help people and assist in the growth of their business. He seems to know the right time to just sit back and listen, and when to stop me in my tracks and question my thoughts or actions. This balance in his approach has been a big help in me realizing some significant personal change that is having a positive spin-off affect on my small business. I strongly recommend Brad as a great resource to help people achieve best possibilities for themselves and their business. Thanks Brad!


Nichola Ryhanen

Realtor at Re/Max River City

I started working with Brad with a few unfinished projects that I just couldn't find the time to finish. After a couple weeks with Brad I was able to implement systems that help me work smarter and was able to create time to work on my new ideas. Flash forward 2 years later: with Brad's coaching I am a stronger more efficient entrepreneur. I have surpassed all of my goals and targets and consistently increase my sales year after year. I wouldn't be the business women I am today without Brad's guidance and support. I highly recommend Brad to anyone who has not yet reached their full potential. Thank you Brad, you're worth your weight in gold!


Paul Irwin

Personal Trainer and President of Irwin Fitness

I originally met Brad at a networking group in December of 2014. As a Personal Trainer I was looking at ways to help expand myself and my small business. The passion Brad showed towards small business success really made me eager to find out more of what he had to offer. I am very glad I did.

Working with Brad has allowed me to focus on the matters at hand and stay motivated on different tasks. Even ones I would procrastinate on before. Brad always shows up with a smile on his face and has the ability to keep the mood light, friendly, and on point. Working with Brad over the last few months I feel more empowered and organized in my work, and am eager to see what the future brings. For anyone looking at ways to expand or narrow in on their business goals, I would highly recommend Brad. 


Chris Fraser

President Crest Roofing & Co Inc.

We have been using Brad Halliwell’s coaching services for almost 3 years now. My Business partner and lead estimator Mitchel started with Brad first. Mitchel was taking his business degree and working at Crest Roofing at the same time. Mitchel was a typical or non-typical mature individual, that when the day ended he was looking to clock out around 4:30 give or take. After a few sessions with Brad I witnessed this young man start to grow and develop before my eyes. After a while it wasn’t uncommon to see Mitchel still working on a project or organising the next day till 6:30 or 7:00 at night. Mitchel started fine tuning all aspects of our programs in our office. I credit Mitchel’s development with Brads Coaching. I’d run into members of our business group who’d just finished having a one to one with Mitchel. They’d ask, “where did you find this guy?!" They’d say things like “they had never met such a young man like this that had their crap together like him”. Mitchel then took a break from coaching to go to school full time, that’s when I started seeing Brad. To be honest, before I first started seeing Brad I was nervous, kind of like “what could Brad possibly have to offer to improve my work habits and most importantly “would I be receptive to his coaching”. I must admit I look forward to our meetings now and I usually have something to work on or work issues I need to be coached on. Brad has helped me deal with my weakest part of my job being the owner of a small business ; Men and human resources. With roofing employees, it can be very tough. After all I’m sure everyone has heard from one time or another their Mom or Dad saying “you better do well in school or you’ll end up digging ditches or being a roofer?" So we’ve had our fair share of challenges. We now both see Brad currently every other week. Since we first started seeing Brad our Company Crest Roofing & Co Inc has grown almost three times in size. Brad even came in recently and did a day seminar on leadership and communication with office staff and the foreman’s. I enjoy our time together and I really didn’t think an hour could go by so fast just having a coffee and a chat. If anyone was looking to grow their business or at least fine tune its existing size then you should hire Brad Halliwell to help you with this. To me it’s a no brainer, its money well spent.  

Sincerely yours,  

Chris Fraser, 

President Crest Roofing & Co Inc


Brieanne Doucet

Mortgage Broker, Innovative Mortgage Solutions  

My name is Brieanne Doucet, and I am a Mortgage Broker with Innovative Mortgage Solutions - A local Mortgage Brokerage operating out of Sherwood Park and the Edmonton area. I am writing a testimonial for Brad Halliwell, the owner of Brad Halliwell.com. He is a personalized business coach focusing on you and your business and specializing in “championing small business success”.

I first met Brad at a Business Networking Social event for BNI Park Power Connections when I had decided to start a BNI chapter with two current fellow BNI Fortune Builder members. Brad immediately showed interest in providing insight on how to be smart with inviting prospecting members and set us up for success immediately. Brad is now a member of BNI Fortune Builders where he holds the Business Coach seat. I could not have been happier when he was inducted. During weekly BNI meetings, Brad speaks about how he is an interactive coach for your business and will work with individuals or groups who are ready to achieve their goals.

I decided to reach out to Brad as I was interested to see what aspects of my day to day business could be heightened with interactive coaching. As I have great mentors in my business, I wanted a clear vision of what I wanted to achieve myself, with my own decisions and dreams. I went into coaching wanting to increase my personal leads and income revenue. I walked out of coaching with an objective to work towards my own business plan and a five-year goal.

I highly recommend Brad Halliwell to any individual or business owner who “thinks” they have mastered their trade but is ready to move to that next level of “knowing” what they plan to do with their business goals.


Chris Wilke

President of C & W Garage Doors

As a new Business owner I was struggling with direction. I had the dedication, determination and drive to make my business a success but I needed a compass or road map to get me there. I turned to Brad Halliwell for help after hearing the success stories from other business owners who had used him to help grow their business. After our first meeting I could tell why other business come to him when they are in need of direction. We started with a goal and from there we started to break that goal down and unpack it step by step. After just a few meetings I now have a direction and a place to focus my energy and drive. I would highly recommend Brad Halliwell to anyone who is staring a new business or is looking to grow their business. Once you tell Brad Halliwell your goal, be prepared to achieve it!

Chris Wilke
C & W Canada Garage Doors


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