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Business Coaching

Leadership Coaching

Business Coaching


You're wearing a lot of different hats as an entrepreneur — be it general management, human resources, finance, and more. Our business coaching consulting services offer concrete advice to help you confidently understand and manage all of your organization's different functions. 

Group Coaching

Leadership Coaching

Business Coaching


Group coaching offers a unique opportunity to become more self-aware by joining a group of peers in a confidential and collaborative coaching environment who want to grow personally and professionally. 

Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching


Leadership coaching is an individualized, collaborative relationship between a leader and their coach. The leader might be a business owner, executive, district manager, or even a general manager, whoever is in charge of a group of people. Empower your workplace.

Meet Your Personal Business Coach

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Brad Halliwell

Brad's business career spans over 30 years: from retail, to franchising, to business development. Through his coaching practice, he has helped many business leaders from a wide range of backgrounds ranging from: event planning and restaurant to advertising agencies and several commercial companies. Some of his clients were established, while others were just starting out. When results matter, business leaders have turned to Brad's effective coaching to help get them where they want to be.

What is Business Coaching?

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Unique & Tailored Business Coaching in Edmonton

Business Coaching is a professional development process, which encourages action and changes in behavior based on your increased self-awareness and commitment. Through on-going focused conversations with your business coach synergy is created, resulting in you reaching exponentially greater solutions than working on your own. 

Does Business Coaching Work?

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Find Focus, Structure, and Clarity

Business coaching works because it increases your awareness of your situation and gives you an opportunity to work on it with professional assistance. You examine options, make choices and take responsibility to carry out your own personal action plan. Coaching brings out the best in you!