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Client testimonial

 After many years of being in business, getting a business coach was a big decision.  Working with Brad has proved to be a journey of learning about my business and about myself. Brad's excellent approach helped me look outside my bubble and into areas that are necessary in order to ensure my ongoing success. Brad is supportive, intelligent, non-judgemental, and takes a personal approach to helping business owners walk through the challenges that are faced every day. I have no problem encouraging other business owners to spend some time exploring your future success with Brad.

- Lynn Gagne-Webb, Owner of OnCore Bookkeeping Services 

Does this seem familiar?

Waking up every night at 2am to start thinking about your business and concerns?


Did you get into business to have more time but that is exactly what you have least of?


Are your current systems unable to keep up with the increased workflow?


Do you just want someone who understands business development and can just listen to your concerns without jumping to offering solutions and advice? Not judging your every decision. Is just there to help you work out your own thoughts and plans. That professional sounding board.


You would not be alone. In fact, you are the majority. The issue is, most of us think that everyone else is ‘Doing Great’. And why? Because when you ask them, that is exactly what they say. Even you perhaps? The point is you're not alone and having struggles/set backs is not new.

Getting a business coach is what successful people have been doing for decades. So good on you for checking this out. I have helped many business leaders move past these and other issues one life changing conversation at a time, so they could move forward with greater success.


Give me a call now or send me an email and I’ll contact you to discuss your questions and how coaching can help you. Click the red box below and let's schedule a time and just talk.


How does this work?

We start off by scheduling a time to have a conversation. This may be by phone, online or in person. This gives me the opportunity to learn more about you and your dreams, goals and concerns, challenges. This also gives you an opportunity to ask me questions; at the end of the conversation we decide next steps.

How often do we meet?

This is completely up to you; the frequency is based on what it is you're trying to achieve. 

How will I know the Coaching is working?

I do a gap analysis with you. We see where you started and confirm that you've reached the milestone you had set at the beginning. This is always a very exciting time in the coaching process.

You've come this far, now take some action.

You're here reading this information for a reason. Your instincts are giving you hints towards taking action and doing something about that which has you stuck. So take one more step and send me a message to arrange your consultation meeting. I look forward to meeting you.

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