Leadership Coaching in Greater Edmonton Area

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Reasons and benefits to why someone would seek leadership coaching

  • Create and develop a more effective leadership style
  • Achieve better Work/Life Balance
  • Improve interpersonal or communication skills
  • Conflict resolution (Having difficult conversations)
  • Development of your team
  • Time management skill
  • Networking skill
  • Succession/bench strength planning
  • Strengthen self-confidence
  • Advance your personal development

Leadership coaching is a collaborative, individualized relationship between a leader and their coach. The leader could be a business owner, executive, district manager or even a general manager - anyone in charge and responsible for a group of people. 

Why the Growth in Leadership Coaching?

This benefits individuals new to their own business or who have been promoted into a multi unit management position. You are great at what you do but having a team or multiple locations to look after is a whole new experience which puts many new demands on you. I've been there and I use my experience and knowledge to get you to where you need to be, faster than you would on your own. 

Being the 'Boss' can be a lonely job. It is difficult to know who to trust in the organization and although leaders often use friends or family to run ideas past, the use of a leadership coach to talk to and confide in can be a welcomed and important asset. My clients use me as their 'Confidential, collaborative sounding board. 

Learn how Business Coaching can take YOU and YOUR Business to the next LEVEL.